3D printers for audiology

Asiga is now firmly established as the market leading 3D printer in the audiology industry. Since 2012 Asiga has supported many of the large laboratory networks bringing them a stable and consistent 3D printing solution for the manufacture of all audio appliances.  

Combining their Smart-Positioning-System technology with an industrial grade 385nm UV LED, Asiga 3D printers process a wide range of materials from skin tone colours through to water-clear materials for earmoulds.  Asiga’s Open Material System contains over 450 optimised material profiles and importantly provide access to all the leading audiology material manufacturers including Dreve, Detax, Pro3dure and more.  As new audio materials come to market rest assured that they will be compatible and optimised as part of Asiga's online material library.  Plug & play settings keeping your 3D printer future-proofed.

At Euha Asiga showcased new 3D print optimisation features that remove up to 90% of post-processing bringing their 3D Print > Fit concept closer.

For more information visit www.asiga.com

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