The definitive guide to treating hearing loss and auditory disorders in the 21st century. Hearing loss impacts an estimated 360 million people worldwide and may precipitate poorer academic performance, reduced quality of life, decreased social engagement, and increased fatigue. Audiology Treatment, Third Edition by Jason Galster and a cadre of renowned audiology experts, is updated in full color with 180 illustrations and new topics. Pearls, best practices, and pitfalls on the management and treatment of hearing loss reflect significant knowledge gleaned from the authors' collective experience.

The book is a one-stop resource on hearing aids, covering the many scientific aspects of hearing loss and devices, fitting and measuring patients, and methods to ensure optimal performance over time. In-depth chapters cover the treatment of auditory disorders in children to older adults, including assessments, hearing aid coupling, real-ear measurements, and case studies.

Key Highlights:

Physical properties of hearing aids, verification of acoustic performance, methods of audio signal processing to shape and filter sound, and a detailed introduction to prescription devices
Clinical outcome measures utilizing quality-of-life, costs analyses, and evidence-based methods.
The expanded use of cochlear implants in children and adults.
Unique topics such as bone-anchored hearing aids, assistive technologies, hearing protection, and management of tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Audiology Treatment von Jason A. Galster • 2018 • 376 Seiten • 304 Abbildungen • gebunden • 89,99 Euro • ISBN 978-1-62623-328-7

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